Promoters Of all things food


Big Eaters Club was created by people with a passion for food, but we are no ordinary connoisseurs. Our culinary interests are driven by the need to push the limits of taste, portion size, and speed of consumption.

Big Eaters Club celebrates individuals and restaurants that are also looking to connect with food in a way that stimulates the senses, engages people, and most importantly, highlights the delicious and the daring.

As promoters of all things food, we want to partner with eating establishments to promote their unique menu items and food challenges. Our mission is to showcase and promote the best edible offerings from around the country and beyond.

Why do we do this? The answer is simpleā€¦its fun! We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things that test the limits of our physical capabilities and highlight the amazing food that is all around us. From simple food carts to four star restaurants, Big Eaters Club shows our appreciation by bringing our unique show to your doorstep.

Big Eaters Club is actively seeking new members and new food items and challenges! Contact us to schedule an appearance or to join the Club.
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